Collection Policy

Paoli Public Library

Collection Policy

The library will provide and maintain a good collection of circulating materials on a wide variety of topics in which the general public has a sustained interest. Collections will be easily accessible and organized to encourage public browsing by subject area. Staff knowledgeable in subjects and topics of interest to the general public will provide expert assistance in locating materials.

The library may build substantial retrospective collections on some topics and may provide collections in considerable depth in subject areas of local interest.

The library will provide any materials which help to meet our objectives. Materials may include: books, periodicals, newspapers, audio-books, video games and DVDs. Materials acquired will meet high standards of quality in content, expression, and format.

The library will keep itself informed of other publicly available resources of books and materials in the area to avoid unnecessary duplication. The library will concentrate on providing materials that supplement rather than duplicate the resources in the schools.

All materials, except reference, genealogy, and local history will be lent for home use under library regulations and procedures.

The library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association which affirms its belief in the following basic policies:

  1. As a responsibility of library service, books and other reading matter selected should be chosen for values of interest, information, and enlightenment of all the people of the community. In no case should any book be excluded because of the race or nationality, or the political or religious views of the writer.
  2. There should be the fullest practicable provisions of material presenting all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our times, international, national, and local; and books or other reading matter of sound factual authority should not be proscribed or removed from library shelves because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.
  3. Censorship of books urged or practiced by volunteer arbiters of morals or political opinion or by organizations which would establish a coercive concept of Americanism, must be challenged by libraries in maintenance of their responsibility to provide public information and enlightenment through the recorded word.
  4. Libraries should enlist the cooperation of allied groups in the fields of science, education, and book publishing in resisting all abridgement of the free access to ideas and full freedom of expression that are the tradition and heritage of Americans.
  5. As an institution of education for democratic living, the library should welcome the use of its meeting rooms for social, useful, and cultural activities and discussion of current public question. Such meeting places should be available on equal terms to all groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members.

Cooperation with Other Libraries

  • The Board of Trustees recognizes that no single library can meet all demands in our community. We have reciprocal borrowing privileges with a list of libraries that will allow borrowing between certain counties.
  • We also participate in Inter-library loan services with Evergreen when we need materials for patrons that we do not have available in our library.

Selection of Materials

  • The librarian and staff will use their judgment on selecting titles and patron needs.
  • The librarian will use publisher materials, selection journals, and book stores in the purchasing and selection of materials.
  • The librarian will keep a regular supply of new books.
  • The librarian will have funds in the operating budget so as to obtain books of high quality.
  • Selection of non-print materials will be selected for the same quality, variety, and demand as books.

Weeding the Collection

  • Weeding will be done as needed and will be based on popularity and demand of materials.
  • Out-dated materials will be weeded.
  • Indiana Authors will remain in the collection.
  • Worn out or damaged books will be discarded or replaced.
  • Magazines will be kept for one year.
  • Discarded materials that are gently used will be put in a book sale through the Friends of the Library group.


  • Gifts, excluding monetary gifts, to the library will be judged upon the same basis as purchased materials.
  • Out-dated materials will not be accepted.
  • All donations will be accepted with the understanding that the library will use them if they are appropriate for the collection.
  • Gifts donated as memorial will be accepted. Patron must give a check for the amount of the book, if the library has to purchase the material through our resources. The check must be made out to the Paoli Public Library.

Local History and Genealogy

  • The library will gather all information on Paoli and Orange County that is available.
  • Books by local authors will be considered.
  • We will accept family histories and genealogy papers.


  • Circulation records will be kept in order to see which subjects and genres are popular and in high-demand.
  • Patron surveys can also determine which topics need to be updated or expanded.

Updated: 6/9/2014