Meeting Room Policy

The Paoli Public Library’s meeting room may be used for the informational, educational, and cultural needs of the community. It has seating capacity for 24. It is available to local individuals and non-profit groups who are willing to abide by the rules for meeting room use. The following restrictions apply:
  1. Groups may use the meeting room as long as the activities “touch” or begin during normal operating hours.
  2. A $50.00 deposit for key for all groups before the room may be used. The key must be picked up on the date of the event or the day before if the library is closed. Return the key in the black box to the book drop or the next 15 minutes prior to the library opening. This assures the party will receive his /her refund.
  3. Since the library is a public institution supported by public funds, all programs must be open to the public at large.
  4. No admission may be charged, except a supply fee, intended to cover only the cost of materials used during the meeting or workshop.
  5. Groups using the meeting room must not use advertising or publicity which implies that their programs are sponsored by the library.
  6. All meeting room activities must be contained within the meeting room. This does not include the west lobby except access to restrooms.
  7. Library programs take precedence in scheduling. The room may be scheduled up to two months in advance. The library reserves the right to cancel a reservation when necessary as a result of conflicts with activities or when it appears to be in the best interest of the library.
  8. The library cannot supply storage for any organization’s property, except Friends of the Paoli Public Library or Paoli Literacy.
  9. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or on library property.
  10. Youth must have adequate adult supervision at all times.
  11. The Paoli Public Library is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen on library property.
  12. No alcohol, firearms, or candles are allowed.
  13. Trash is to be bagged and removed from the library.
  14. Kitchenette: Each group must bring its own food and beverages (beverages containing red, purple, or orange dyes are prohibited (i.e. grape juice, fruit punch). Group must provide their own paper products, utensils, etc. Group cannot use any library commodities such as sugar, coffee, napkins, etc. The room, kitchenette, and appliances (if used) should be left clean.
  15. Each group using the meeting room must sign a statement accepting responsibility for damage or loss of library property. Should any special cleaning or repair be required as a result of a group’s use of the meeting room, restrooms, or foyer, a charge will be made to cover costs.
  16. A fee for a lost key will be charged.
  17. An after-hours utility fee will be required from any group using the meeting room: $10 per hour for persons within the tax base area (the first hour is free). $15 per hour for those persons outside the tax base area (the first hour is free).

Four tables and 24 chairs are available.

The Paoli Public Library Board and staff retain the right to review and amend the meeting room policy at any time.
Adopted: September 27, 2010
Policy Revised: May 27, 2014
Meeting Room Checklist
  • Decorations should not include taping or attaching materials to walls, windows, or doors.
  • Be sure to close refrigerator door.
  • Clean all tables, chairs, and floors.
  • Turn off all lights, including those in the meeting room, west lobby, and restrooms.
  • Be sure the restrooms are clean and the water faucets are turned off.
  • Check all doors to make sure they are locked when you leave.
  • Return the meeting room key in the book / media drop box adjacent to the left north door located on Water Street.
  • Deposits are returned the next day the library is open and following a security check of the room and building.
To reserve a room, please call the library at 1-812-723-3841, or visit us in person.