Fines and Fees

  • Served Area
    • One Person – Patron lives in the service area. Only one person may use this card. = FREE!
  • Unserved Area
    • One person – Indiana resident not living or owning property in the PPL served area. Only one person may use this card = $35.00 / year
  • PLAC Card (Public Library Access Card)
    • Patron is a registered library card holder at any Indiana public library. Patron must be in good standing at home library to purchase a PLAC card at PPL. Can use PLAC card in any Indiana public library. = $65 / year
    • Exception: If you live out of the Paoli town or township and want a PLAC card, you have to pay $35 / year + $65 / year = $100 / year
  • Student Card
    • One person – Must be registered in as a student in Throop Elementary or Paoli Jr. – Sr. High School. Only one person may use this card = $1 / year

If you live in the city of Paoli and/or Paoli Township, you qualify for a “free” library card with us! “Free” is in quotes because it’s not actually free — you pay for it in your taxes as a resident of the city of Paoli or Paoli Township. This is why anyone not living in these areas must purchase their card.

Applicants for a Paoli Public Library card must present the required Proper Identification in person at the library that will issue the library card (see below for definition of Proper Identification). People who own property within the city of Paoli or Paoli Township, but who reside elsewhere, will be required to show proof of real property ownership, such as a tax bill or deed.

Signing a Paoli Public Library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fines and fees and for payment for lost or damaged materials. Patrons are advised to contact their library to report a lost or stolen library card, as failure to do so holds the patron responsible for any fines and fees incurred by a lost or stolen library card.

To replace a library card, it costs $2.00.

Registering a minor for a Paoli Public Library card denotes an acknowledgement and understanding by the parent or guardian that the library owns and circulates unrated videos, DVD’s and television series that may be geared toward a more mature audience. A minor child will have access to materials for both adults and children and will be able to check out any of these materials. Parents or guardians have sole responsibility for helping their child select age-appropriate materials.


Proper Identification must be presented to apply for a Paoli Public Library card. Proper Identification is any one of the following:

  • A valid Indiana Driver’s License which displays a current address
  • A valid Indiana State ID which displays a current address
  • A current government issued Photo ID

If the patron presents current ID but that ID does not have the patron’s current address, the patron must in addition present a form of approved identification showing the current address. Approved Identification can be any of the following:

  • Valid voter registration card
  • Valid current government issued ID (such as a military ID, a passport, etc.)
  • Bank statement issued within the past thirty (30) days
  • Utility bill issued within the past thirty (30) days
  • Property Tax receipt

Fines for late items are 25 cents per day.