Computer Use Policy

The library provides access to computer technology to give patrons the opportunity to do extensive research, to create documents, and to become knowledgeable about computers. The Internet (a rapidly changing, global network of computers) provides information from a wide variety of sources. Not all of these sources are reputable, current, complete or accurate. Internet users must exercise critical judgment in evaluating information accessed.
A SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: The library believes that the Internet should be available to children. However, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide the necessary supervision to ensure that their child uses the Internet in an appropriate and safe manner. Children in the 6th grade or younger may only use the computers in the children’s department. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Adults will be prohibited from using the computers in the children’s section unless they are accompanying their child(ren).
SIGN UP AND TIME LIMITS: Computer sessions are for ½ hour time periods. Computers are available on a walk-in basis or through reservation by phone. You may use the computer for one hour if no one is waiting. Librarians may extend the time if you are doing a test or homework. You may use the computers only once a day. Please sign in at the circulation desk.
STAFF ASSISTANCE: Library staff may provide limited assistance for basic startup procedures. Staff will shut down the computers five minutes before closing time.
USER RESPONSIBILITIES: Inappropriate and / or illegal use will result in immediate cessation of computer use and / or other disciplinary action. Depending on the severity of the activity, a patron may be permanently banned from computer use and may be legally prosecuted.
  • Accessing information that may be deemed harmful to minors.
  • Accessing any obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit material.
  • Attempting to alter or damage computer equipment or software.
  • Violating any local, state, or federal statute.
PATRON BEHAVIOR: The workstations are designed for use by one person. However, two people may sit at the station if they do not block traffic areas and work quietly.
Computer rules and regulations are posted at workstations. The library retains the right to deny Internet access to any person who disregards this use policy. Computer settings and configurations must not be changed. The library cannot be responsible for computer malfunctions, internet site downtime, or delays in transmission from a remote site. The library claims no verification of information obtained through the Internet.
PRINTING: The cost is 15 cents per page in black ink and 25 cents per page in color ink. We are not charging for paper only the cost of the ink. Only in specific cases may you use your own paper. Cost is the same for printing with your own paper.
Food and drink are NOT allowed at the workstations.
DISCLAIMER: The Paoli Public Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of Internet services.
Adopted: December 20, 2005
Revised: December 20, 2014