Volume 1 No. 1

Paoli Public Library

May Newsletter                      May 5, 2014

Author of the Month: Susan Wiggs

Even though Susan Wiggs has been a math teacher for most of her working life, she has always wanted to be an author.  In fact, she began writing when just a kid.  She even managed to self-publish her first writing, which was about Susan and her siblings.  The one copy was a bestseller!  As an adult, her first novel was titled A Book About Some Bad Adults.  She said the book itself was what was what was bad.

Her first published book was available to the public in 1987.  Since then she her body of work has made her a bestselling author. She has been awarded the RITA award for excellence in romance novels three times.  Her most recent novel is titled The Beekeeper’s Ball, which is scheduled to be published in June 2014.

What’s Happening at the
Paoli Public Library?    

  •  The staff has begun weeding the adult collection.  Titles that have not been checked out in the last five or ten years are being removed.  They will be added to those books for sale that the Friends of the Library are selling.  Money from this sale will be used to purchase new items for the library.
  • Registration for the children’s summer reading program is scheduled for the last two weeks of May.  The program is under the direction of children’s librarian, Glenda Mahuron.  Children in grades K-6th grade are eligible to attend.  There is no cost for this program.
  •  Staff member, Sarah Deringer, will conduct a teen reading program during the month of June.  The theme of the program focuses on science, forensic techniques, DIY, and cooking.  The program is free and is open to any interested teen.  For more information come by the library or call 812-723-3841 @ extension 101.
  • The library will soon initiate a recovery program for fines that are owed and  materials that have not been returned.  A collection agency will handle the delinquent accounts.  Patrons who wish to avoid this type of action need to come by the library now to clear their accounts by paying fines that are due or by returning delinquent materials.
  • The adult crochet class continues to meet on Mondays at 11:00 a.m.  It is open to any interested person.
  • Book club will meet on Tuesday, May 20th at 6:00 p.m.  It is open to any interested adult.  The book for May is The Chatham School affair by Thomas H. Cook.
  • Patrons, mark your calendars for Thursday, May 2014, at 6:00 p.m. for the “Strawberry Cooking Demo”, which will be presented by extension agent, Ashley Roberts.  It is free!